Google January 2020 core update almost done rolling out

has confirmed that its 2020 core update, which began Monday at noon, is now mostly done out as of Thursday morning. Google said on the @searchliaison account “the update is mostly done, though as with any core update, it may take to two weeks to fully complete.”

Google January 2020 core update. This Google search algorithm update was announced on Monday and began rolling out Monday at 12pm ET. The rollout is global and impacting all Google search regions and languages. This update is just about done rolling out but you may see fluctuations throughout the next two weeks, Google said.

Tracking tools. The automated tracking tools from the data providers are showing large fluctuations. Here are some updated screenshots:




Advanced Web Rankings:



Cognitive SEO:


More information to come. We’re working to collect more data around this update. We hope to provide more information in the upcoming week or so, but as you can see above from the tracking tools and the ongoing SEO community chatter, this update does feel very big.

Why we care. With any Google algorithm update, it is useful to know when Google has confirmed such an update. Now you now that if you see significant ranking changes for your site or client sites, then you might be able to pinpoint this to a core update. Google has given advice around these core updates, so if you want to look for ways to improve your site – read this.

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