Google To Drop Data-Vocabulary On April 6th, All In On

announced this morning that after 6, 2020 it will no longer support the data-vocabulary markup for rich results. is going all in with said “with the increasing usage and popularity of we decided to focus our development on a single SD scheme.”

Google is giving SEOs, webmasters, site owners, etc a few months to transition from data-vocabulary markup to markup. In fact, over the next few months, Google will be contacting those who have implemented data-vocabulary markup via Search Console with warnings. This way those who do not follow Google on the blog or other social channels will be notified.

Google wrote “As a preparation for the change and starting today, Search Console will issue warnings for pages using the schema so that you can prepare for the sunset in time. This will allow you to easily identify pages using that markup and replace the markup with”

There isn’t a huge difference between the two markups.

Here is

Here is the same thing in data-vocabulary:

click for full size

This will impact the rich results report after April . Google wrote “Starting April 6, 2020, Google will no longer support structured data to enable rich results in Google Search. From January 20 until April 6, any structured data on a web page will trigger a warning for the appropriate rich result type. After April 6, an error will be triggered.”

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