Quickly Make Educational Google Slides Presentations With Templates

In this tutorial, you’ll see Google Slides templates for teachers that make it easy to create visual lessons. There are many sources to source Google Slides themes for teachers. With the help of education Google Slides templates, your ideas come to life quickly.

How to Create Educational Presentations With Google Slides Templates for Teachers

If you’re a teacher, you need every advantage in your line of work. Teaching is tough, and your days are busy. Your classroom is full of students, each with their own learning style. Great presentations make information easier to understand.

Many of the best Google Slides themes for education share the same characteristics. When you’re choosing education Google Slides templates, here are three factors you should include:

  • Charts and graphics that show numeric data in an intuitive format.
  • Infographics help students understand complex concepts, condensed to easy-to-follow visuals.
  • Image-focused slides that keep students engaged.

With an excellent presentation, your students are more likely to absorb and keep information. Using tried and true education slide templates save you time while creating informative presentations.

Google Slides templates for teachers need to be easy-to-use. You’ve got lessons to plan and a classroom full of students, hungry for your attention! In this tutorial, you’ll see education Google Slides that are perfect for creating your next presentation.

Want to see more infographics that can act as perfect Google Slides templates for teachers? Check out our tutorial below.

The Best Source for Education Google Slides Templates (With Unlimited Downloads)

In education, budgets are all too tight. That makes Google Slides a great resource because it’s a free browser-based tool to create presentations. Budget-conscious teachers are sure to appreciate the hard-to-compete-with “free” price tag!

Google Slides does feature a few built-in designs that you can use to create a presentation. These pre-built design tools are called “templates.” They’ve got settings and styles that help you create a presentation quickly. But Google’s templates aren’t built with education in mind.

Google Slide themes for teachers give you the advantage you need. If you want to create an excellent presentation, it’s time to go searching for Google Slides templates for teachers. With the help of Envato Elements, you can source unlimited Google Slides themes for teachers for a flat rate!

Envato Elements Google Slides Educational Templates

Costs are predictable because Envato Elements is a flat-rate service. No matter how many lessons you plan Google Slide themes for teachers you download, you won’t have to worry about expanding your budget. Best of all, you can complement your education Google Slides templates with stock photos and graphics all included!

Learning how to create Google Slides is easier with a template. Want to see the best Google Slides templates for teachers? Let’s check out five of the best options all included with Envato Elements:

1. Educate Google Slides Template

Educate Google Slides Template

The best options in this tutorial are Google Slides templates for students with simple designs. Your students will appreciate the simplified slides that aren’t overly busy or cluttered. That’s one of the reasons that “Educate” is a perfect Google Slides theme for education. Use the 30 clean and modern slides to build a lesson plan right inside of your browser.

2. Educas – Education Google Slides Template

Educas Google Slides template for teachers

Educas features many color schemes plus variants that help you create an excellent presentation. These education slide templates shine because they include charts, infographics, and more. Fill in the placeholders easily to create an educational presentation, quickly.

3. Academia Education Google Slides Template

Academia Google Slides template for students

Successful Google Slides templates for teachers are visual and image focused. This template fits the bill perfectly with big, splashy image placeholders. Use this template to create a lesson plan or pitch a new academic program, for example. Add your content and images, and you’re on your way to an educational presentation.

4. Unisly – University Education Google Slides

Unisly Google Slides theme for education

The university experience is unforgettable for most. This template plays off that sense of nostalgia with a polished yet fun presentation. Use Google Slides templates for students to show new and innovative college programs. You could even use this template to teach students how to create a presentation.

5. Academia – University School Education

Academia Education Google Slides template

Here’s another presentation that would work perfectly for Google Slides templates for students. Modern, trendy design styles make this one of the top Google Slides themes for education. You’ll have more than 50 slides that you can you use. If you want to learn how to make Google Slides for education, this is the perfect starting template.

Simplicity is also key to creating great presentations. Templates with simple designs help you master how to create slides that are easy-to-read. To see options for simple templates that are waiting for your lesson content, check out our article below:

Find More Google Slides Templates for Teachers on GraphicRiver

While Envato Elements is an excellent choice for busy educators, it’s not the only option. If you want to source Google Slides themes for education with single purchases, GraphicRiver is the perfect option.

Google Slides templates for teachers on GraphicRiver

Whether you choose Envato Elements or GraphicRiver, a great template helps you learn how to make Google Slides for education. Let’s learn how to customize them!

How to Make A Presentation Using Google Slides Templates for Education

In this section, you’ll learn how to use a template to create an educational presentation. With the help of Google Slides themes for education, your presentation is always in style and on topic.

In this section, we’ll use Academia, an impressive example of education Google Slides templates. It’s one of the Google Slide themes for teachers from Envato Elements we recommend because of the included layouts.

Don’t worry! Google Slides templates for students are customizable! Let’s learn how to use education slide templates to create a presentation. We’re going to customize three slides from this deck:

1. The Faculty Slide

Faculty Slide in Google Slides Template

In the world of education, dedicated teachers make all the difference. Nearly everyone’s got an inspirational story of an educator that made a difference.

Why not dedicate a slide to the friendly faces of your faculty? Slide 12 is a perfect choice. You could use this for an orientation or marketing materials. Here are three steps:

  1. Update the text. Click inside the text boxes and type over the placeholder text to add names. Plus, update the slide headline if you prefer another intro.
  2. Replace the images. Right-click on the photos, then choose Replace Image > Upload from Computer to browse to your staff photos.
  3. Update the slide master. Keep reading to learn how to adjust the standard text that’s shared across many slides.

You might notice the “Oxfordy University” placeholder text on this slide. You can’t change it simply by clicking on it. One tweak we need to make is to adjust the slide master. 

Slide masters control many slides. To adjust them, go to View > Master. Then, click the element you want to edit. In my case, I’ll update the “Oxfordy University” text plus the site URL in the footer.

You’ll notice when you return to your slide (by clicking View > Master again) that this changes many slides.

Update Slide master
Use the View > Master menu to update the shared elements on these slides, like the institution name.

Your finished slide is sure to build recognition with your audience. It’s great to use a slide like this to warm up potential students to faculty.

Meet our faculty

2. The Mission Statement Slide

Mission statement slide

What I love about the educational world is the idealism shared by educators and students. Why not dedicate a slide to stating your mission? Slide 7 is the perfect starting point for your big idea.

A Google Slides template for students with a mission statement could help them buy into the mission. Here are three steps to customize this slide as you learn how to create a presentation:

  1. Update the mission statement. Click inside the text box. Type over the placeholder with your personalized mission statement.
  2. Adjust the text size. If your mission statement is shorter or longer than the placeholder, make sure to choose a new font size on the toolbar so that your text fills the slide.
  3. Adjust the background. Move the blue layer temporarily. Then, right-click and choose Replace Image > Upload Image to add your background image. Click on the built-in icon and press Delete to remove it.
Academia Image added to background

3. The Lesson Plan Slide

Lesson Plan Slide

My favorite teachers would set the stage for an upcoming lesson by sharing the “roadmap” for the lecture. With the help of what I call the lesson plan slide, your Google Slides template for students charts the course for a great lesson.

You might use it for planning to help you organize your thoughts. Or, you could use this slide to give the class a sneak preview of what they’ll learn.

Slide 39 in our education slide template is perfect for this purpose. Let’s learn three tweaks to create an informative slide:

  1. Add your slide title and subtitle. Use the title to summarize the upcoming lesson plan.
  2. Update the title headers. Each of the four points on the slide serve as key points in the lesson. This is how you give a sneak peek of the roadmap for the upcoming lesson.
  3. Shorten the subtitles. Replace the subtitles under the lesson points with a shorter description to simplify the slide.
What Youll Learn Slide

There’s truly a template for every purpose. You saw many options in this tutorial, but it’s just the beginning. Check out these articles for even more excellent Google Slide themes for teachers.

Learn How to Create Google Slides Like a Presentation Pro

You’ve already seen templates that’ll save you hours of design work while you’re learning how to make Google Slides templates for students. The perfect complement to that is tutorials and tips that help you master the app.

If you want to learn how to create a presentation, we’ve got helpful resources! We’ve put together an impressive set of tutorials in our guide, How to Use Google Slides (Ultimate Tutorial Guide.) 

Check out these three tutorials to start learning how to create a Google Slides presentation:

Use Google Slides Themes for Teachers Starting Today

Teachers, let’s review our lesson: don’t forget that Google Slides themes for education are here to help!

Templates are what every teacher needs to save time while designing and get back to teaching. With the help of Envato Elements, you can unlock unlimited Google Slides templates for students. GraphicRiver offers outstanding, pay-as-you-go education slide templates.

The bell’s ringing and class is starting soon! Use these Google Slides themes for teachers to prepare your next lesson plan now.  With the help of Google Slides themes for education, your classroom is sure to shine.

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