Increase Conversions by Understanding Search Methods and Technical Analysis

Businesses have one goal in mind when they hire search engine optimization in Phoenix company. It is none other than conversions. This may be in the form of making the visitor buy something, fill in a form, download, register or disclose their email address. This narrows down to relevance. You must understand what your audience is looking for. Only then will you deliver what will make them stay.

The key to this is understanding how and why they search.

And, a search engine optimization in Phoenix company can help increase conversions by coming up with the best research and analysis about your industry/competition and the right strategies. Read on to find out more.

Capture a Particular Intent of the Search

People will search for three reasons. Either to visit a particular site, transact or be informed. With that in mind, it becomes possible with the content that the searchers are looking for. As far as the first group is concerned, they know what they want but don’t know how to get to it. The other group knows what they want but doesn’t know where to get it. As for the last one, they want information regarding a particular topic.

Offer What Searchers are Looking For

This narrows down to your content. In addition to being genuine, it should also be accurate and specific. See to it that what you offer is different from everyone else in a good way. Another way of increasing conversions is by learning how people search. Let’s take a look at the different ways.


Keywords are the words considered by Google to rank pages after a user makes a search. Once a particular person types a word or phrase into the search engine, Google ranks them based on those keywords. Mostly, people will use Google. Therefore, as you focus on ranking, Google should be your first priority.

Top-Down Search Method

At first, people will make a general search. Once they have a rough idea of what they want, then they will search for other details. For example, the best smartphones will later lead to the search for a particular model. Here is the process of narrowing down your results using the top-down model.

  • Use a keyword phrase and an informational query that is short as well as broad. That will return quite a number of results
  • To minimize the results further, go for keyword phrases that are longer and more specific than the first one.
  • Once you get what you want, proceed to the transaction stage. Use the likes of the area and words like buy to get specific results
  • Last but not least, it is time to go for the navigational search. Search for a site that sells the same and you are good to go.

It is no secret that not many people consider going to the next page of Google search results. That’s why the keywords you use should match commonly asked questions. Nevertheless, if everyone follows that line of thought, you must learn how to stand out. You can achieve that by ensuring that the content is of high quality, detailed as well as the original. Don’t forget to include your business location.

The bottom line is that use keyword phrases that are informational and long. Also, make sure that they rhyme with the content.

Tracking Changes

This is one of the most serious mistakes made on websites that tends to affect SEO.  Every website would need an upgrade from time to time, it could be a content upgrade, graphical upgrade or a security upgrade.

It is common that a lot of changes will occur during an upgrade. This is why it is necessary that you are always prepared to track these changes. Take for example one of your top content that brings traffic to the website was deleted during an update. This may prove to be disastrous. It can also adversely affect the performance of the website.

A few ways to prepare for this kind of situation in setting up change alerts. Also, keep a changelog that will help you replace any important page that is lost.

Technical Analysis

A technical analysis of the website will help you to determine how accessible your website is to the general public. This would make you know how your target customers can easily access your website. Another thing that technical analysis would do for you is to know the indexability of your website. The indexability of the website is more or less like accessibility. Or should we say both of them go hand in hand. Indexability of the website would enable you to know how well it is ranked in the search engines.

In Conclusion

You have to ensure that you are making use of the right data for the SEO project you are working on. One of the most important factors that impact the efficiency of SEO is the use of accurate analytical data and you can hire the best SEO company in Phoenix to assist you with all this analysis and implementation of the right SEO strategies to gain more conversions.

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