How To Stay Mentally Sharp While Remote Working

As much as many of us love our home comforts, working from home can be an incredibly draining and frustrating experience, especially considering the current circumstances.

It’s hard to stay mentally sharp when there are distractions in abundance and you’re not in your typical working environment. The lack of stimulation from physically going into work can make the mind sluggish.

If you’re finding it hard to reach your usual standards and produce your best work remotely, here are a couple of great tips for keeping your mind sharp and active.

Practice poker

You shouldn’t just practice poker so you can come out of lockdown ready to embarrass your buddies on poker night and win at tables across the country, but because it’s a fantastic game for improving your mental sharpness.

The game of poker promotes logical thinking and juggling multiple scenarios and outcomes in your mind at once. This impacts your decision making, helping you to stay calm and plan your next move logically rather than letting yourself get carried away. This is great for people struggling with imposter syndrome and a sense they aren’t reaching their true potential without the assurance of their colleagues around them. It also instills a sense of mental patience and discipline, giving you greater control over the situation and not allowing panic to take over.

Don’t let your poker practice time eat into your allotted work hours, but spend half an hour every night practising and you’ll quickly see an improvement in your ability to manage multiple situations and keep your brain calm. If poker isn’t your thing, then try other classic games such as blackjack or chess.

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Take proper breaks

By proper breaks, we don’t mean stare at your phone every five minutes.

Yes, it can be hard to focus on the task at hand while working from home, and yes we know you have a lot of work to get done that can’t stop just because you’re not in the office. However, it’s vital to take real breaks that recharge your batteries.

Just like the rest of your bodily functions, you can only stay mentally sharp for so long. Those all-nighters spent studying may have tricked you into thinking you could work on no sleep and a frazzled brain, but that’s not a healthy way to live. The key to successful remote working is often the things you do when you’re not working.

Segment your day into proper breaks after significant periods of work. Don’t stop every five minutes to check Instagram or mess around on YouTube. Set aside a couple of minutes to get away from your desk, ideally outdoors, and enjoy a different setting away from the stress of work for a moment.

Producing high-quality results is often reliant on the things you do when you’re not working. You wouldn’t think it was healthy work on an empty stomach or without any fluids, so treat significant breaks as equally essential.

Spend an hour a day getting creative

Enhancing your mental sharpness isn’t all about rigorous skill training and testing puzzles. Sometimes the best way to keep your brain sharp is to hand the reigns to the creative portion of your mind and see where it takes you.

People who don’t practice creative skills are often a lot less willing to give themselves up to art, but that kind of resistance can end up doing more harm than good, even if you don’t think you’d be any good.

Being creative isn’t about doing things right or wrong. There is no right way to do art, even if what you create doesn’t end up looking like something a grandmaster would paint. Mental sharpness through art is through pushing yourself and learning more about your mind through what you produce.

Part of the key to a successful creative session is to find the art-form that suits you. Don’t force yourself to paint if you’re not musically inclined. Don’t try and express yourself through poetry if your calling is more digital. This is a time to find yourself and understand your mind. Otherwise, you’ll just end up more frustrated than you were before.

When you’re sat at your bedroom desk staring at a task and wondering how you’re going to finish it, achieving mental sharpness can feel impossible. Take a breath and give these methods a try. You might even find a new hobby. 

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