How to improve productivity in your remote working teams?

Remote working is actually a very cool concept, the freedom of working on your tasks whenever you feel like doing or at the time when you find yourself in a mindset to be most productive to give your 200% of what is assigned to you.

This feeling of freedom and comfort helps the remote workers to improve the efficiency of their work and generate better results. But contradicting the above sentence the same comfort becomes an obstacle when it turns into making a person lethargic and disinterested.

Yes, remote workers do lose the grip over their work enthusiasm if they are not boosted by their employers at the regular intervals. So does it become important for the corporate owners to look at whether their employees are up and working.

Read to know how you can do it as a manager or a company owner as I have curated some of the basic tactics that can help you boost your remote worker’s productivity.

Use tools that help you communicate better

The difference in the communication between the team lead and the employees differs when an employee is working remotely. A team seating in the same space might have some random discussion which might help them get better ideas. Small things like taking a quick followup with a college while grabbing a cup of coffee, or sharing some new arrival in the field at the lunch table are some unnoticed growth signs which is totally not possible with your remote team.

Moreover, your remote workers tend to work based on their professional and personal work priorities, so if proper communication is not maintained with them chances of getting unclear results increases.

Make a ritual of having a conference call once a day where everyone in the team is up and ready to update each other on their work as well as have some informal conversations and updates of the industry. Screen sharing and using high tech project management software will help you make the communication better. Having all the updates about the task in a single thread in the software will make you and your team remain on the same page.

Regular feedback and reports

Feedback is a crucial process whether it’s for your business or for your employees. It helps a person understand whether he/she is working in the direction of company goals or what are the glitches that can be improved based on the inputs of the company authorities.

This feedback process helps a person gain clarity about his work and would show him the areas of improvement as the other thing that connects the feedback are the reports.

Yes, an employee or any other person who is being led by some authority has a fear of having a bad report at the time of evaluation. This fear is what makes them do work, the spirit of showcasing their best reports in terms of numbers or achievement makes them work harder and brings in a sense of responsibility to deliver their best.

Negative reports will make them improve themselves while with the positive report they will get confidence to do better than before.

Clarify the goals and the expectations

The next problem with the remote working teams is they sometimes feel bored with the unclear virtual scenario that is shown to them and which they have to implement in their work.

Like if a person is working on an app development project, the difference in the understanding of a person sitting in a room and physically looking at a reference model and the one looking it through a screen sitting at a distant place will be huge.

Having a defined work structure and clearly explained roles and deadlines will make the process of working easier and faster. The clarity in work will help them improvise their tasks based on their experience and also provide a chance to experiment with their knowledge and give some extraordinary outputs.

Ask them what they understood and how can they do it better by taking their view of doing the same thing differently than the already mentioned work plan.

Track the progress and reward them

As I already mentioned, reports are the key factor which helps any remote worker remain active and motivates them to do better every time you are evaluating. Tracking the progress of your company as well as your employees will help you find the loopholes of you or your team.

If you find that your company is not achieving the results based on the efforts you see your employees are giving, it’s time you recheck the productivity level of your team members and boost them by giving them some rewards for their efforts.

Take one to one sessions on a video call, understand their work process and their ideas of working, keep their progress report with you at that time and discuss your concerns if any. Finally, when you are over this process, try to organize an event where they all could join you, or just gather them all virtually on a conference call to give the reward to the winner.

Summing up

Remote working has many advantages over in-house teams, but along with the freedom they are imposed with the responsibility of keeping themselves productive. Working in a non-professional environment, there would be many things that might distract them and it becomes harder to keep up with the excitement of work and the pace of growth of an employee.

Being a good employer, you can help them make progress and avoid getting into a dull routine by applying the above tips while you are working with them.

Author Bio:

James Vargas is an experienced business expert, consultant, and manager at Get Everything Delivered. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.

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