6 Ways A Remote Job Helps Advance Your Career

Remote work has a lot of positive qualities. Moreover, here you can make an effective career. Therefore, we will give you some tips on how to improve your effectiveness.

Good Habits of Remote Job that Helps Your Career

The modern world is constantly changing thanks to new technologies and even “natural disasters”. For example, the beginning of 2020 will be remembered by many thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, which led to mass self-isolation. Thousands of people ended up in-home quarantine, and many lost their jobs. But some experts did not feel the changes or troubles. Thanks to the Internet, almost every user can get remote work.

According to the Superjob Research Center, today every fifth company (22%) has remote employees registered in the state. Another 10% of organizations use the services of remote workers in outsourcing. The most interesting thing is that there are several useful habits of remote work. Thanks to our tips, you will be able to get useful skills that will positively affect your career.

#1 Effective Planning

When working from home, people often make the same mistake — they change their usual schedule. You should start your remote workday, for example, at 9:00 (as usually happens in your office), and finish at the same time as you always finish. This will allow you to systematize your working hours, as well as determine when you need to complete the work.

Another important point is the need to understand the work plan for today. Try to understand what tasks should be completed from the evening of the previous day. When you have a visualization of a work plan in front of you, you don’t need to strain and remember what else you need to remember to do. Besides, it is so nice to delete an already completed task from the list that it’s worth recording it just for this. Do not rush to do too much, it is better to concentrate on the high-quality implementation of several specific tasks. This will help increase efficiency and gain the ability to solve a problem, reaching the very essence.

#2 The Right Mind and Organization of the Workspace

Our body is used to relaxing at home and working in the office. Therefore, productivity drops when you start working remotely. A similar result occurs even if your office does not have to work, but is a “resting place”. Therefore, turn your table into a real “workplace”. Remove all unnecessary things, posters, games, and everything that can distract you.

Also close access to Facebook and other social networks (they steal too much of your attention and working time). At home, the temptation to check every half hour for what’s new in the feed is getting too big. Make yourself ignore social networks while you work. You can also find out what happened to your friends when you have completed all the tasks. This aspect will help to become more disciplined and organized, which is a great advantage for any job.

#3 Fight Laziness

The beauty of remote work is that you have a free schedule and you always have time to relax or do daily activities. But this causes another dilemma – the fight against laziness. Every morning, this feeling “alienates” us from the working spirit. Find the necessary incentive for yourself (for example, financial). Think about how much money you can earn for that day and how to spend it. Such a “visualization” of your work will help overcome laziness and feel the craving for the process.

Besides, we recommend choosing the right clothes for the process. Of course, we all at least once dreamed of going to work in comfortable pajamas. And when you work from home, the temptation to stay in comfortable home clothes is too great. But psychologists say that you should still put on decent clothes when you work remotely – this will help to be more collected, responsible, and productive.

#4 Remember How to Rest

Of course, we must fight laziness and defeat it. But there is a flip side to the coin – greed. Remote work has an irregular schedule, so you can do it more than usual. This is not bad, but processing every day leads to overwork, stress, insomnia, health problems, and neurosis.

Therefore, know how to rest and relax. Take advantage of working from home – go to the gym at a time convenient for you or take a walk. Do not force yourself to think that you must sit all day without leaving your apartment. You can even relax and spend a little time on an exciting game or an interesting page. There are many Esports betting websites on the Internet where you can plunge into the fascinating world of betting. A little distracting action will allow you to switch attention, relax, and get to work even more energetically.

Besides, listen to the compositions of your favorite musicians (during a break or if your work does not require additional concentration). Psychologists say that music increases productivity. And when you are at home, you can listen to everything that you like. Music raises the mood, gives energy, and also eliminates external irritants, thereby increasing concentration.

#5 Learn to Cope with Potential Problems

Remember that unplanned moments may arise in the process and learn to deal with them. For example, when visiting unexpected guests, be diplomatic. Has the neighbor looked in? Talk to them for a couple of minutes, as if it were a colleague who was standing at your desk. But do not offer him a cup of coffee and do not start a long discussion. If your landlord has expressed a desire to come and repair something, offer the day and time when it is convenient for you, not him.

If you still need to fulfill a request that is not related to work, refer to your “work schedule” to indicate the time you can allocate for this. For example, if your relatives ask you to do household chores, say: “I can pick up things from dry cleaning and buy milk for lunch, but I can buy all the products only after work.” It is possible to carry out instructions in parts. You can say: “Today I will take the car for repair, but I can only find out about health insurance tomorrow.”

No need to explain time limits in an apologetic tone. State your circumstances based on facts, value the time you devote to remote work, no less than the time devoted to work in the office. If you are consistent and follow your promises, others will accept your new circumstances, and you will have more time for focused work. Besides, this method of communication will help you to be more confident and talk with people from the position of your interests (which is a very important quality in any work).

#6 Get New Knowledge

It is very important. One must never forget about development and progress. Because it is the basis not only of career growth but also of our life. Nobody forces you to take some unique work from an area that you have never encountered. But you can gradually expand your powers and progress.

For example, a copywriter can find new projects with more complex (and high-paying) tasks, a content manager can take on HTML layout work, a web designer can develop mobile application design, a programmer can gain knowledge about other programming languages. New knowledge will help your brain work, and a large number of skills will make you an indispensable employee and the first candidate for promotion.


Well, globally, all these nuances can be reduced to several categories, written below. Remote work efficiency consists of:

  • Thought-out work schedule;
  • Order on the desktop;
  • Ability to work and relax;
  • Proper planning;
  • Development and Improvement;
  • Internal discipline.

Following these simple rules, you can achieve greater efficiency and progress every day. This will help you become the most valuable employee in the eyes of the employer, who will be ready to improve your career.

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