Header Tags Are Not Magical Pixie Dust That Make Site Rank Better

Over the weekend there has been a lot of chatter about headers and their importance for ranking in Google search. It may have been that what John Mueller said in a recent video hangout was taken a bit out of context (trust me, I know, I have done this too).

John Mueller of Google clarified on Twitter afterwards on header tags “they’re useful for understanding the context of content (text & images), but they’re not magical pixie dust that will make your site rank better.”

Here is that tweet:

Now, headers are likely important on some level but John and Googlers have bene downplaying their importance for years.

He goes on to explain “semantically, having a heading for a piece of content is a pretty useful signal.”

But the SEO Twitterverse had some fun with it:

Gary even got into it:

And the community:

In any event, just don’t think header tags/attributes are that critical to your rankings. I suspect they are on everyone’s SEO audit checklist but I doubt it will make or your rankings in Google search.

discussion at Twitter.

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