How To Get Verified On YouTube: Grey Tick Mark For Your Channel

Today, the YouTube verification badge is received massively, most essentially for the users who have earned their money from their video-sharing social media platform.

Hence, it is not that simple to obtain the grey checkmark, and you need to maintain them. Perhaps you would have already worked to make your YouTube channel verified and sometimes got rejected. Even you won’t be knowing where to kickstart.

YouTube verification would have taken some time, yet it’s the possible way. And it’s worth it. This post explains everything you need to understand the methods to get verified on YouTube.

Let’s jump into the basics here!

Explaining YouTube verification in simple terms:

A YouTube verification badge is a grey music note or grey check mark displayed next to YouTube’s artist’s channel name or creator’s channel name. The YouTube verification post of Katy Perry and CNN.


Now YouTube channels have been checked on when you don’t find your channel’s checkmarks; then, your channel account has not verified. This verification badge shows reliability. It also revealed to the entire world that your YouTube channel is functioned by a real human being, a well-known creator, or an authenticated organization or brand.

Always remember the two facts in mind:

No Unique Features:

Even checked on YouTube doesn’t imply that you will receive access to all the special features or awards or perks. As told earlier, this has given you and your brand authenticity. In simple words, the YouTube audience will probably trust your channel for the first time they enter your video on your feed.

Avoid using the stolen traffic:

Even though YouTube is verified on the channel, it protects the copycats or imitators from stealing any traffic that should reach your channel.

Important Note:

Earlier, in September 2019, YouTube declared a new pattern for the channel’s verification. That says the existing checkmark replaces a grey background. Anyhow, till now, the new badge hasn’t been pushed out. When the alterations changed, we would update you.

Difference between the YouTube account verification and verification badge:

Does YouTube’s account verification differ from the YouTube verification badge? Do they work the same? Here the reply is big, No! Their verification functions to be different things.

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What is the YouTube account’s Verification?

Like any other social media platforms, YouTube prompted its audience to verify your account by including a phone number the first time you can make an account. It allows YouTube to know whether you are a real human being or a bot to find that you are trying to spam the website.

Thus, by verifying the YouTube account, you are provided with the chance to post over for 15-minutes long, including customized thumbnails, appealing content ID claims, and easeus data recovery 11.8 crack live-streaming.

This step is to make a proper YouTube channel. Anyone who needs to monetize their YouTube channel can verify using their account.

How to get a YouTube verification badge?

While checking the YouTube verification badge, this serves as a little difference. This YouTube badge serves as the authenticity as mentioned by YouTube:

When your channel is verified, this will work as an official channel for the artist, company, creator, or public figure. Verified channels helped to differentiate the official YouTube channels from another channel with the same name on YouTube.

Using a phone number verifies the badge as you need to complete all the set of benchmarks. Thus, go through what the standards are in detail.

Simple steps to get verified on YouTube:

There are simple steps to get your YouTube verification badge:

Initially, go to Google’s support page, then click on the URL or copy-paste your browser. Then tap enter.

After this, you can jump down to apply for the channel’s verification section, and you can see the text box.

Check the Apply now anchor text in the text box, where you should click on to the access of the application form.

Note: When your channel isn’t suitable, you could not check the link. On the contrary, you can check the message shown below: applying for channel verification.

Secondly, fill in the application form, tap the apply now option to get accessed all you need to fill into the credentials required.

To know about your channel ID, sign in to your YouTube account, then click Settings, and then click Advanced settings, where you will see it like this.

Once you finish, tap the submit button, and then you have completed it.

Purpose of getting verified on YouTube:

On social media platforms, verification grants your profile an extra advantage. It assures the two things; first, the user who owns the account is who they declare. Secondly and two, the person is pretty severe about sharing social content.

Any false tricks to enhance the views or their subscribers will sooner or later backfire your account. That is because YouTube is no longer verified. This YouTube channel has the same as yours, yet because YouTube proves your channel, your subscribers can identify you, and capable audiences can find you a trusted brand.

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Requirements of YouTube verification:

Earlier, if your channel acquired over 100,000 followers, where you could fastly get a verification badge. Anyhow, several people might think of YouTube’s verification badge as a  pathway for the content endorsement, but not as the identity. That’s why the platform upgraded its verification policies.

As of October 2019, to receive a YouTube verification badge, for your channel must meet the following facts:

  • You need to have at least 100,000 followers.
  • Try to be authentic; that is, your channel must designate as the real creator, entity, or brand you are demanding to be.
  • Be complete for your channel that must be public and have a description, content, content icon, and be active on YouTube.

Some of the best methods to receive a YouTube verification badge; there are proven tricks to enhance your channel’s views and strengthen your followers.

  1. Try to be honest and evident about what you are sharing.
  2. React to the comment where you have on videos.
  3. Share your videos most often, and try to be consistent.

About the Author:

Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet Marketing for two years.

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