When Request Indexing In Google Search Console Return?

A lot of SEOs are skeptical and concerned that the request indexing feature, which was temporarily suspended last week, will not return ever. Google said “we expect it will return in the coming weeks.” But that does not mean this week or the next – Techweeks, like in months.

Here is the Google announcement if you missed it:

It is disabled, if you try it:

John Mueller of Google was asked about the timing on Twitter and said “We said “in the coming weeks” so I kinda doubt it’ll be back next week. That said, we’re not planning on preannouncing — it’ll be back as soon as we’re sure it’s ready :).”

Tom Rayner posted a poll on Twitter asking SEOs how soon they think and the results do not look all that optimistic.

The canonicalization issue is not resolved yet… I do suspect the two are somewhat related.

I suspect it will be back by the end of the year but I can be wrong.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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