Google Ads vs SEO: Which is Better For Startups

Google Adwords (Ads) and search engine optimization (SEO) can be effective tools for attracting potential customers to your business. By targeting searchers and providing content that adds value to their lives your start-up could flourish.

Startups want their website to show up at the beginning of the search results when a search query is made for products and services they can provide. Fort Lauderdale SEO experts understand the importance of creating an advertising plan that matches your business goals, budget, and timelines. The main difference between SEO and Google Ads are the costs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) consists of strategies that internet content generators use to create in a manner that takes advantage of search algorithm preferences. Utilizing a sound SEO strategy will lead to more favorable rankings in organic search results. Organic search results have been helping businesses to educate, engage, and offer their products and services to consumers and potential clients.

Businesses with high organic search rankings are trusted by search engines because their content is authoritative, referenced by other sources, and provides relevant information about the search query. Startups can achieve higher organic search rates by optimizing their title tags, headings, and image tags. Mobile-friendly sites and sites with faster loading speeds can be favored by search engine algorithms as well.

Internet users’ awareness of when they’re being advertised to has grown since the internet’s inception of search and search users are more likely to click on organic results, rather than paid results, even if the paid results appear closer to the top of the search page.

SEO provides the following benefits for startups:

  • SEO can improve the trustworthiness of your business
  • Showing up in organic search is free
  • The return on investment (ROI) is high for most businesses
  • SEO can be seamlessly integrated with other marketing initiatives
  • SEO strategies can compound the benefits to your business over time
  • A great SEO strategy will attract people looking for your products and services
  • An SEO campaign can give you insight into your customers

Google Ads

Google ads is an online advertising platform that helps businesses get out in front of customers searching for products and services like theirs. Google ads users can bid to display their ads, services, products, and videos on search result pages, non-search websites, mobile applications, and videos.

One of the significant benefits of Google ads over SEO is that the results can be immediate. If your startup initiates a google ads campaign today, then new patrons could start visiting your site immediately.

Here are some more benefits to paid search and Google ads:

  • Paid search analytics can provide useful data to monitor and improve SEO, future campaigns, click-thru rates, user demographics, and how much time users spend on your site after clicking an advert
  • The ROI of Google Ads is favorable
  • Paid search results attract customers that are looking for services like yours and they usually are more prepared to make a purchase
  • Paid search can flexibly fit into any budget

Start-ups can benefit from using both SEO and Google Ads and the best option will depend on the needs of the business. Speak with an expert marketing professional in the Fort Lauderdale area now to discuss how to use search to maximize your business’ marketing returns.

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