Google Announce When MUM Is Added To Google Search

The big news this week from was around MUM, Multitask Unified Model. Which is different than BERT but similar in that it helps Google better understand language & make it easier to get helpful responses to complex search needs. Well, it won't go live for months to years and when it does, Google will let us know.

Google said in its announcement about MUM that it will “bring MUM-powered features and improvements to our products in the coming months and years.”

So I confirmed with Danny Sullivan of Google who confirmed with me on Twitter that the company will let us know when MUM is added to Google Search. Danny Sullivan wrote “Yes, as with BERT, I'm sure we'll let every know. We won't be mum on MUM.”

Here are those tweets:

So if you see people claiming MUM is the reason for a ranking change in Google Search, they are wrong, at least for the near future.

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