Top 5 SEO Strategies That Are Still Relevant In 2021

What strategy do you plan to use for your company this year? One of the techniques businesses should prioritise regardless of the type of industry they’re in is search engine optimization (SEO).

But what is SEO? SEO allows you to market your website to get more traffic, leads, and sales.This subcategory of digital marketing involves using relevant and commonly used keywords and links to rank a website in search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO techniques increase your brand’s visibility in search engines. It means that more people searching for related topics to your brand can find your website because of the information and content you publish on your site.

In this article, you’ll learn the top SEO strategies that are still relevant in 2021.

Use SEO Technology To Boost Your Ranking

If you want to maximise your search rankings fast, then you should take advantage of SEO technology. Because of the advancement of SEO technology, you can use many tools available to make SEO implementation a lot easier. By employing SEO technology this 2021, you can gain awesome SEO results.

Here’s how SEO can boost your search engine ranking:

  • Crawl your website to evaluate your onsite SEO, allowing you to make improvements.
  • Get a free consultation from SEO tool providers to help you improve your ranking.
  • Check the keywords your competitors use in implementing their SEO and content marketing strategies.
  • SEO tools allow you to target the right keywords that can provide the great value consumers are looking for when searching online.
  • Professional SEO software can help you conduct keyword research easily, monitor your performance, and review your metrics.

Use SEO Tactics That Support Voice Search

Voice search is a fast, easy, and convenient way to find answers to questions online. Technology paved the way for the discovery of voice search, powered by automation and artificial intelligence (AI) that mimic human intelligence and communication.

Because of the increased popularity of using smart devices such as smart speakers and smartphones, more and more people are using voice search in online shopping. Since 2017, the number of consumers with smart speakers skyrocketed, in which one in four adults in the United States havea smart speakerwith voice search capability by early 2020.

Of course, voice search is still a trend in 2021, which means your SEO should be compatible with this function. Check the following SEO tactics that can support voice search:

  • Optimize For Great Value Answers: Smart devices like smartphones with voice search capability tend to give out the same answers to questions. So, make sure that your content answers basic questions that are informative and comprehensive to provide great value.
  • Restructure Your Content: Create question and answer (Q&A) and frequently-asked questions (FAQs) types of content that are suitable for voice search.
  • Use Conversational Language:Use natural or conversation language because this form of communication is the main characteristic of any voice search query. You need to know and understand the online user’s search intent by anticipating the query style most online users say or ask using voice search.
  • Use Long-Tail Keyword Phrases: Because of the conversational style of voice searches, you need to use longer or long-tail keywords in creating your content.
  • Improve Your Website’s Loading Time: Optimize your website’s load time to make voice search more seamless. A sluggish website makes voice search pickup inaccurate.

Utilise Mobile SEO To Promote Convenience

User experience is crucial in mobile SEO. You should make your SEO strategies mobile-friendly by optimizing your website to work on mobile screens. Make your website simple and easy to use.

Use SEO Analytics To Monitor Performance

When was the last time you checked your SEO metrics? Analytics measures how well your SEO campaign is doing. Conversions, sales, and revenues are important. So, keep keyword volume in a backseat and focus more on behavioral analytics.

Don’t Forget Visual SEO

Is your website appealing? Does it contain more texts than visuals? Visual elements will always be a crucial part of your SEO. Optimize your images and video descriptions, so they’re aligned with user intent and your blog’s content. In this way, you can keep good engagement and attract more consumers to interact with your brand through your website.


Are you ready to kickstart your SEO this 2021? SEO strategies are crucial to the success of any business that wants to establish an online presence and reach more prospective customers. Using SEO tools and technology, you can implement SEO campaigns and monitor your performance fast and easy. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you implement these strategies into your operations.

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