6 Best CRM Plugin for WordPress Integration in 2022

Running your business via your WordPress website can get overwhelming. The day-to-day technical challenges that you have to face are outrageous, and it gets worse as your business starts to grow. So, to handle most of those challenges and provide the best for your customers, you need a CRM.

But of course that CRM should integrate with your other systems. There is a lot of data involved in generating and responding to customer leads, so you want the experience to be a seamless as possible.

How would you manage all the data otherwise? Excel sheets can help, but they do start showing their limitations when all of the data has to be maintained manually and it keeps increasing every single day.

Luckily, there’s an automated solution to these and other problems that your business faces when it comes to customer relations and data management.

Best WordPress CRM plugins

Below is a list of the 6 best WordPress CRM plugins and Integration that we’ve put together to help you manage and grow your business in a matter of a few clicks:

1. WP Gravity Forms Salesforce Plugin

Gravity FormsGravity Forms is the most popular plugin that developers use for integrating forms into their website.

These forms require minimal effort to create and help you get the information from the clients that you require to better your business for your customers.

The information received by these forms is crucial to the business and thus has to be stored somewhere, organized, and made easily accessible for the business. This part of the process is carried out by the Salesforce CRM: one of the first plugins to provide a cloud-based WordPress CRM solution.

With this plugin, you can link your Gravity Forms with Salesforce CRM.

This plugin is the best solution for linking Gravity Forms with Salesforce CRM. This coupled with quick and detailed customer support, makes this plugin stand out from the rest.

2. Flamix Bitrix24 Plugin

Bitrix24 CRM integration with Contact Form 7 is another option to collect forms from your users. If you are running a business, especially one that works online via your website, you will need to collect customer messages through Contact Form 7.
Contact Form 7 Bitrix24This plugin is easy to set up, offers operational support within two hours of submitting your query, and is regularly updated. You can test this plugin using its free demo to see if this works for you. This plugin allows you to connect multiple forms with your WordPress CRM.

This plugin, like Gravity Forms, take the information from the frontend and store it either as a lead, deal, or contact.

One more thing: you can add an action scheduler to your Contact Form 7 Bitrix24 CRM plugin to add the information into CRM with a delay. Without the action scheduler, the information would be updated instantly.

3. Contact Form 7 – Zoho CRM Integration plugin

With CodeCanyon’s Contact Form 7 Zoho CRM Integration plugin, you can transfer your data from the CF7 directly to your Zoho CRM.
Zoho Contact Form 7This plugin operates similar to Contact Form 7 Bitrix24 CRM Integration plugin. However, it will be connecting your forms to the Zoho CRM. The remaining functionality and efficiency of the plugin remains more or less the same.

The data that is received from Contact Form 7 will be stored and organized by the CRM as either a lead, contact, or case. You can connect multiple forms to your Zoho CRM using this plugin. This plugin offers the best customer support and, even without it, it is incredibly easy to integrate within your WordPress website.
WooCommerce Bitrix24 CRM Integration

4. WooCommerce – Bitrix24 CRM Plugin

Running your business through your WordPress website? Does that mean you are running an eCommerce business? If so, WooCommerce is the most popular tool for creating scalable eCommerce websites, irrespective of what you are selling.

One of the biggest challenges that developers and business owners have to face when it comes to eCommerce is dealing with orders. Whether it is keeping track of all the orders that your customers are receiving from you and all the information associated with those orders or tracking the status of each and every order received by your customers, eCommerce is a hassle. However, at the end of the day, your business depends on how happy your customers are with you.

When it comes to managing data, Bitrix24 CRM gets your job done for you. This plugin allows you to connect your WooCommerce website with Bitrix24 CRM. You do need to have a minimum of WooCommerce version 3.5 for the integration to work flawlessly.

Once connected, this plugin allows you to send orders directly from your website to your WordPress CRMIt can keep track of all the orders and their statuses and keep your CRM updated with the required information.

You can also customize it to update the information in your Bitrix24 CRM as soon as the checkout button is pressed, or you can have the information added later on. If you want to send the orders back to your CRM in a bulk, you can do that too with the WooCommerce Bitrix24 CRM integration plugin.

5. WordPress integration – amoCRM Plugin

amoCRM Integration for your WooCommerce website is great choice if you are really into making your customers happy and also are social media friendly.

amoCRM Integration helps you with keeping a record of your orders, generating leads via messaging, and automating your sales processes.
WooCommerce amoCRM amoCRM is used for small to medium scale businesses, whereas, Bitrix24 CRM is used for medium to large scale businesses. However, as opposed to Bitrix24 CRM, amoCRM does not offer a free version.

One of the major difference between Bitrix24 CRM Integration and amoCRM Integration is that the former is capable of storing information related to vendors as well and the latter is not.

6. HubSpot – CRM Plugin

Integrating the Hubspot WordPress CRM plugin is the best thing that you can do for your business. From managing data to sending emails and maintaining the perfect relationship with your customers and clients, Hubspot has got it all covered for you.

Hubspot WordPress CRM

One of the biggest challenges of running a business is managing data and organizing it. Hubspot has a different panel for listing and organizing your contacts, leads, deals, and all the companies that you’re in contact with. Only to make it better, the saved data can then be filtered in multiple ways making it easier for you to search a particular record.

Hubspot also prevents duplication of data while you’re making a new contact entry. It’ll search through all the available data, and if the contact is already present in the record, it’ll let you know.

Managing data is not the only feat achieved by Hubspot. It can also work as a project management system. You can assign tasks to your leads individually and it’ll shoot you an email as a reminder when any update has been made to the task.

Moving on to reaching out to your customers and clients, Hubspot has made the process of emailing much simpler. It allows you to integrate data into your email directly from your CRM database.


CRMs are an integral part of any business and are a much-needed tool for the business to flourish and thrive. While CRMs continue to automate businesses and make lives easier, they can still have their limitations which is why there are smaller plugins like Contact Form 7 which can be integrated with a CRM to improve businesses’ efficiency.

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