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If you’re new to the business world, you may soon find yourself in a marketing meeting and become very quickly disoriented. This is because marketing people speak a language that is disconcerting to the human ear and mystifying to the human mind.

To help you through this bewildering experience, here at The Ad Contrarian Global Headquarters we have created a glossary of terms that can help you understand what marketing people actually mean when they talk:


Brand architectaccount executive

Authentic true sounding

Transparent natural looking

Contentanything on the web

Branded contentanything on the web with a logo

Compelling contentcontent


Follower stranger who wants something for nothing

AdvisorLinkedIn term for unemployed

Communitystrangers who once clicked

Meaningfulness (no one knows)

Brandinganything with a logo on it

Activationwhen marketing people actually do something




Town hall meetingmeeting

Training sessionpowerpoint-induced napping opportunity

Webinardigitally delivered powerpoint-induced napping opportunity

Traditionalstuff we don’t do well

Brand advocatecustomer

Brand ambassadorcustomer

Storyteller copywriter


Evangelist – inflexible bore

Data-driven unimaginative

Brand purposesomething our CEO’s spouse is into

Disruptivesomething our CEO’s daughter is into

Target audiencepeople like us

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