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Guest post by Tifany Scifo.

Some companies rely on shows for new business or to expand their client base, while other use the shows to launch a new product. Regardless of the objective, a successful trade show can “make or break” a new or small company. There’s a lot of potential at these shows, but unfortunately also a lot of competition. And they are expensive.

Companies employ a wide variety of tactics to help them stand out from the pack, but one of the most important tools is an effective trade show booth. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make your booth stand out and make a fantastic first impression.

Consult a Full Service Exhibit Marketing Agency

There are a number of benefits to consulting a marketing agency for trade show booth design. They have the experience and ability to create a truly amazing design that will grab the attention of everyone passing by the booth.

They will also be able to custom create the booth specifically for your company with the trade show objectives in mind. This is among the most effective ways to ensure a booth that fits all of the company’s needs. Working hand-in-hand with them will also allow you to choose the designs which fit the brand while also taking advantage of experts’ knowledge.

Use Technology

While thoughtful and intelligent design is vital to trade shows, there are a number of technologies which can be utilized to keep your company ahead of the pack. Digital signage and interactivity through touch screens can all be incorporated into booths in order to draw the attention of visitors. These elements can be educational or showcase endorsements, among many other uses.

One of the most effective technologies in this context is proximity marketing. This works by sending messages to visitors close to your booth via Bluetooth or programs like iBeacon. Special promotions or offers can be included in these messages as an incentive to visit, and this technology also enables you to capture valuable attendee data. It is these little strategies that can help companies rise above their competition.

Register and Choose your Exhibit Space

How to build a remarkable trade show booth -- reserve exhibit space early

St. Petersburg, Russia – 4 October, 2017.

Not all booth exhibit spaces have equal value. There are always arterial paths which get the most traffic, as well as the main entrances and exits. These spots draw the most attendees, and as a result, the booths lining these areas often receive the most visitors. Needless to say, high numbers are good for increasing clientele and future business.

The areas further from exits and other peripheral regions see less foot traffic, and as a result business prospects are less. So plan ahead! Book a spot in each trade show early so you have better booth spaces to pick from. Make sure to grab one that is easy to reach and ideally close to an entrance.

Provide Promotions

Merchandise is always a good way to attract attention to a trade show booth. People love free products and are more willing to try something new when cost isn’t an issue. Due to this, trade shows are a great time to launch a new product or hand out samples.

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Promotional gear is often also a standard in these situations. The trick is to not have these promotions just for the sake of it. In fact, free giveaways can be a waste of money if they are generic and lack personality, because no one will remember which booth or vendor they got it from. To avoid this fate, choose gifts that are relevant to the brand. This will help establish the brand personality while also helping the visitor to remember it later on.

Incorporate Social Media

Social media is a necessity for all businesses, and while having an approachable physical presence is key to achieving trade show objectives, social media can still play an important part in the process.

Stay active on social media throughout the event to keep in touch with both attendees and those who couldn’t make it. Advertise special offers on these platforms so that people will keep checking their accounts. It can also assist attendees in locating your booth if they want to visit. Just be sure to use the proper event hashtags and your booth number.


Having an attention-grabbing display booth can completely change the experience of a trade show for a company. These shows are competitive by nature, so don’t cut corners when it comes to the booth. After all, this is what makes the first impression and can determine whether an attendee stops by or not.

Tifany Scifo is the Creative Marketing Manager at Reveal Marketing Group Inc. She specializes in Web Design & Development, Creative Design & Direction and Tradeshows. She enjoys sharing her thoughts through blogging and social media.

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