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Google announced new features in search for event . I covered it in detail yesterday at Search Engine Land, but it is important to mention here as well.

In short, in the past year since it first launched Google created landing pages for each event including the time, location, ticketing providers, the ability to share, save and other relevant information about all on a Google landing page. Then from there you can click for more details, before Google didn’t have this more detailed page.

This is what it looks like:

A year ago, it was just this:

Aaron Bradley, the schema guru, posted in Google+:

* Key event information presented directly in the search results
* Ability to select from multiple ticket vendors (if they exist)
* Ability to generate personalized results (via a “For You” tab)
* Ability to save an event
* Ability to share an event

It’ll be interesting to see what sort of usage these revamped event listings see, and if/when they’ll be available outside of the United States.

There is more coverage of this on Techmeme as well.

Forum at Google+.

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