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Justin Cohen’s New Book: Step #4 “Presence”

We are halfway through the six steps to help salespeople to win. Step four is presence. Being present is crucial for salespeople who want to stay engaged with their buyers. You can’t pitch appropriately if you don’t understand what the buyer needs, and you can’t know what they need if you aren’t present with them through the whole process. back next week to learn about the next step, and master pitching to win. John Golden interviews Justin Cohen.

The Importance of Presence:

Research tells us that the way that we say the words is more important than the words themselves. Think of the different ways to say “I love you.” There are many different tones that you can take when saying those words to someone. The words are the same, but the message is very different because of the way that it is said. When we are pitching, we tend to think almost exclusively in terms of what we’re going to say. This is good and important because what we have to say makes a difference.

Present, Emotional Pitching:

The same is true in a pitch. If you begin selling, and your facial expression, your tone, your body language do not convey and match what you are saying, they will sooner believe how you said it over what you said. And, if your nonverbal communication is contrary to what you say, they will see you as insincere and discreditable. When people pitch, often times, all they think about is their script. The number one reason that buyers pick one pitch over another, though, is energy and enthusiasm. It’s not the script. It’s the nonverbal communication. “You have to show the emotion,” said Cohen. People will make their decision based on emotional reactions, and then use logic to rationalize things later.

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