7 Apps that Help You Manage and Customize Notifications on Android | Software

What makes so powerful is its customizability. Even without rooting the phone, you can easily it to your heart’s content with third-party apps.

In this week’s software roundup we cover seven Android notification apps from our Software Discovery section that let you do more with your notifications. With these apps you can notes in your notifications bar, resurrect dismissed notifications, and so on.


Notes in Notification is a beautiful app that allows you to add notifications to the notification tray on your Android device.

  • See past notes
  • Add notification title as well as an optional description
  • Measure time you took to complete the task
  • Automatically add a shortcut to add notes
  • Notes widget
  • Eight color schemes


Notification Reader: Shouter does pretty much what the app name says it does: it reads your notifications for you out loud so you don’t have to read them yourself.

  • Caller name announcement
  • Message reading
  • Battery level announcement
  • Location proximity announcement
  • Voice reminder


Notification History is designed to catch your device’s notifications and toast messages that pop up on your device and stores them in order to browse and search them later, even if they were dismissed.

  • Catch notifications and toast messages
  • Browse and search the saved notifications and messages
  • Define filters
  • Schedule notifications


Dynamic Notifications allows you to receive all of your notifications even when your screen is off. When you receive a new email/text message, the display will discreetly light up to let you know. You don’t need to unlock the device.

  • Notifications don’t light up when your phone is in your pocket
  • Select apps to receive notifications from
  • Change the appearance of the app
  • Custom timeout


AN2Linux allows you to sync notifications on your phone to your Linux desktop that’s encrypted with TLS. It can do so over Wi-Fi, Mobile data or Bluetooth.

  • Syncs notifications on your phone to Linux
  • Supports Wi-Fi, mobile data, and Bluetooth


Unnotification brings back the notifications that you have accidentally swiped away in the notification bar on your Android device.

  • Get the swiped-away notifications back
  • Ignore undoing the notifications on the apps of our choice


Material Notification Shade is a replacement for your stock notification panel that brings with it features from Android Oreo and adds a ton of customization to your notification panel.

  • Stock themes
  • Full color customizations
  • Powerful notifications
  • Quick reply
  • Auto bundled
  • Quick settings panel

As you can see, there are tons of customizations that can be made to the notifications bar on your Android device. So go ahead and give your notification bar a makeover using these apps. We also have many other useful apps in our Software Discovery section that you may want to check out. Do let us know what you think about our software section in the comments below.

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