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You know what they say about having all your ducks in a row? Well, John Mueller of Google responded to a related question on Twitter around should you have to keep your header tags in your HTML, i.e. h1 tags before your h2 tags and so on, in order or not? John said it can help if you keep “clear structure on a page” but it won’t “count it against a site if they improvise / get it .”

As you can see, he is saying two different things. If it to do it right, doesn’t that mean it hurts to not do it right?

Here is the tweet:

I think the short answer is that it doesn’t really make a difference in rankings but John here is more concerned that if you are not following a clear and consistent path, that some code make eventually break and cause issues with crawling and indexing?

Previously John Mueller said having this out of order really doesn’t impact ranking. I don’t think that messaging has changed but hey – here it is for you to look at, test and make your own call about.

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