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It’s what we’ve been doing for our clients all along; finding great partners to grow your company and revenue, but with a twist! Our service allows you to partner with like-minded and complementary retailers and brands, getting you in front of new audiences that you may not have had access to otherwise. We’ll tap them on the shoulder for you, so you can tap into their audiences.

We find that brand to brand partnerships can be mutually beneficial when done right. Here are some of the benefits for both you and the brand you partner with:

For You:

  • Proactively establish and negotiate partnerships with like-minded and complementary brands based on your criteria in order to acquire new customers
  • Get your brand in front of new audiences, attracting new potential customers that fit your target demographic
  • Co-marketing opportunities for you to leverage a brand partner’s offers to add value to your community or customer base

For Them:

  • Surprise and delight their customers by promoting your offers to their customer base, at the right times
  • Add value to their company by aligning with your brand
  • Help them retain customers and attract new ones through providing compelling offers outside of their own products and services
  • Incent their customers by offering your products/services/deals for joining their loyalty and reward programs

How it Works:

Not only do we do all the leg work to forge new brand partnerships and get them off the ground, we also leverage affiliate tracking for promotional opportunities secured between brands, bringing you insight into what partnerships are working. Even better, we deliver our Brand2Brand services on a performance basis, so we only earn when you earn.

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