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Alternative health products can be difficult to market, thanks to a healthy dose of consumer skepticism. Regardless of how well-supported your alternative health product is with evidence or customer reviews, health claims are frequently met with disbelief.

Still, the alternative medicine industry is booming, and consumer might actually be on the rise. If you can overcome the hurdle of earning consumer trust, you can earn a higher conversion rate, get more sales, and ultimately become more profitable.

The problem with trust in alternative health products

We’ll start by dissecting the real problem with trust in alternative health products. Why are people so skeptical or untrusting of alternative health product providers?

Industry factors

Unfortunately, health fraud is a real epidemic. Thousands of products have claimed to help people lose weight, feel healthier, or cure medical conditions, only to do nothing (or in some cases, make things worse). This has given the entire alternative health product industry a bad reputation.

Brand history

Few alternative health product brands have the same history that American staples like Coca-Cola or Ford Motor Company do. Instead, they emerge quickly in response to new discoveries or new demand. This lack of history makes it harder for customers to trust them and follow through with a purchase.

Immediate action

Many alternative health product marketers are pushy, hoping to get an immediate response. But when confronted to make a decision as fast as possible, many consumers err on the side of caution.

10 website tips for your alternative health products

By incorporating the 10 techniques below on your product page, you can overcome all these consumer concerns and build more trust in your alternative health products.

  1. Cite scientific research (if you can).

  2. Include real customer testimonials.

  3. Explain what’s in each product.

  4. Include images or videos of people.

  5. List the benefits.

  6. Offer a money-back guarantee.

  7. Showcase trust badges.

  8. Display aggregated customer reviews.

  9. Avoid exaggeration.

  10. Face off with your competition.

Ready to learn more? Then keep reading.

1. Cite scientific research (if you can)

When you say your product is effective, people have a right to be skeptical. When 20 independent scientists confirm that your product is effective, it’s much harder to debate its legitimacy.

Find as much scientific evidence as you can for your product’s safety and effectiveness, and link to it on your product page.

Make sure to highlight the most important takeaways, too! Granted, not every alternative health product will have a surplus of scientific evidence to confirm its effectiveness, but try to use whatever you can find.

2. Include real customer testimonials

Landing pages and product pages always do better when they customer testimonials, and they’re even more important for alternative health products. Track down a handful of people who have used your product (and are happy with it), and ask them to write up a short testimonial. It’s much better if it comes from a real person — people can usually tell when a testimonial is made up. If you can include a headshot of the person leaving the testimonial, it will add to your credibility.

10 website tips to help consumers trust your alternative health products – Tech| Email Marketing, ONLY infoTech

3. Explain what’s in each product

Brand transparency is becoming an increasingly important factor in winning consumer trust, so make sure you provide as much information as you can about your product. Explain the ingredients, including how they’re supposed to work in the body, and the processes you use to produce. If you can provide photos, illustrations, or videos of these concepts, even better.

4. Include images or videos of people

People trust other people more than they trust corporate brands. That’s why including images of people in testimonials will help sell them to your customers. But you can include images or videos of people almost anywhere on your product page to build customer trust. For example, show a photo of a healthy person trying your product, or include a smiling face in the background of your page.

5. List the benefits

Don’t describe your product in general terms. Instead, include a bulleted list of the specific benefits of using your product. This easily digestible format will help customers parse out exactly what you’re selling, and feel more confident in their decision.

6. Offer a money-back guarantee

Conversions skyrocket when people have some reliable foundation for their purchasing decision, such as a free trial or a money-back guarantee. For alternative health products, money-back guarantees are often better, since even if the product doesn’t work, your customers will be disinclined to send it back due to the hassle of arranging shipping. The point is to make your customers feel more secure with their purchase.

7. Showcase trust badges

Trust badges can also make customers feel more trust in your brand. Display icons or logos from your partners, previous clients, and affiliations; this might be all it takes to convince a skeptical customer who’s on the fence.

8. Display aggregated customer reviews

Testimonials are a good start, and they can show off the subjective experiences of specific customers. However, your prospective customers also want to see something more objective, which could apply to all your customers. Accordingly, it’s wise to your aggregated customer reviews for a given alternative health product so customer can see an average rating.

10 website tips to help consumers trust your alternative health products – Tech| Email Marketing, ONLY infoTech

9. Avoid exaggeration

It’s tempting to exaggerate, and many of us are guilty of it in our day-to-day lives. But exaggerating the benefits of your alternative health product is only going to make your customers more skeptical. Claiming that a pill can help you lose 50 pounds in a month isn’t realistic. Claiming that a pill can help you lose weight faster, with diet and exercise, is far more convincing.

10. Face off with your competition

Are there any competing alternative health products? If so, don’t be afraid to call them out by name, and explain exactly how your product differs. If you can prove that your product is somehow better, is less expensive, or includes more of a specific active ingredient, they’ll feel more comfortable purchasing from you.

In conclusion

You might not be able to fabricate your brand’s history or conclusively prove that your product works, but as long as you show your customers that you can be trusted, and give them touchstones that make them feel more comfortable, you can easily boost your conversion rate. Experiment with different page layouts for your alternative health products, and measure your results carefully. Even minor changes can make a big difference in your bottom line.

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