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5 Ways To Improve Business Productivity And Reduce Stress

You know the challenge of running a business. It's stressful.

Imagine that you are a backpacker venturing the wilds with a heavy pack. What if there are things in that pack that you actually don't need? What if you took them out? You'd travel a lot faster, wouldn't you?

Apply this to your business. Could lightening your load and the load of your employees actually increase your business's productivity? Here are some ways to experiment:

1. Marketing and Workflow Automation

Automation platforms and software will allow you to remove the load of logistics from your backpack and place it into the capable hands of artificial intelligence. And best of all, logistics will still be under your control.

A workflow automation platform can be a vehicle for designing your own customized workflow; the computer then trains employees in the execution of that workflow. Marketing software is an advanced tool your sales team can use to capture leads and analyze how to sales.

2. HRIS Software

What is HRIS, exactly? HRIS stands for a Human Resource Information System. If you have more than 25 employees, HRIS Software will do wonders for your Human Resource department – speeding up and digitizing the process of payroll, scheduling, time off, 401k tracking, and other important and everyday logistical processes for your employees. Trust me: your HR reps will thank you.

3. Employee Development

Employees are most productive when they are challenged but not overwhelmed – in other words, when they achieve a psychological state called flow.

Flow is increased when employees feel a sense of control over their work and meaning in the outcomes of their work. If your employees struggle with this, it may be time to invest in some employee training.

Find ways to teach yourself, your managers and your employees about ownership and to educate them on the importance of their work. Then offer room to experiment, to fail and to learn. In time, these trainings can lighten your load, dispersing the knowledge and responsibility more evenly across your organization.

4. Employee Flexibility

According to a study from the University of Warwick, employees are 12% more productive when they are happy. Employees are happy when they have flexibility in the workplace. Consider offering flextime, telecommuting options or even more vacation time. This may sound counterintuitive, but try it anyway. Who knows? You may even find that the time your employees spend working after more time off increases productivity exponentially.

5. Natural Light

Did you know that artificial light can actually agitate workers and decrease productivity? Natural light, on the other hand, invigorates and energizes. Consider moving to an office with more windows and even skylights. If that isn't a possibility, try investing in light bulbs that emanate a yellow or orange hue as opposed to a blue or purple tinted light; the light will seem to be more natural to the senses. You may be surprised at how this simple change will affect your workers' alertness and productivity levels.

If your business is creating major in your life, maybe it's time to stop and take a look at what is in your pack. Take some time to invest in long-term relief with these small changes. And don't forget to breathe.

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