Senator to FTC: You guys really should look at Google one more time | Top Stories

I don't believe for a second that is unfair to conservatives. Google ranks search results, in part, on how many other websites reference and link to a resulting page. Maybe if conservatives didn't lie so much, and people didn't notice the lies so much that they wrote about them quite often, they'd get better results when people search for said conservatives!

Oh, you don't like that argument? It's just like the one that conservatives use to say that the reason such a high percentage of people in jail are black is because black people do so much more crime. The argument only works when conservatives make it?

Okay, how about this. Why is it okay for a small private business to pick and choose what beliefs they want to follow (No cakes for gays!) but when a large (still private/civilian) business allegedly “takes sides,” it's suddenly not okay? It sounds like conservatives want to have their cake and eat it, too.

Now go grow a spine and stand up to Trump.

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