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The word GDPR is still on almost every marketers lips, be it the impact it’s had on list size or the positive effects seen from cleansing your database of unengaged subscribers. Either way we now need to ensure we squeeze the most value out of our subscribers whilst adhering to the new GDPR regulations.

This article outlines how you can subscriber engagement and grow your lists using .

Creating sign up forms

Having a prominent sign-up form on your website is the ideal way to kick-start your list growth. When implementing your forms, you should ensure that they are above the fold and optimised to adhere to GDPR. There should be a clear call to action or incentive for subscribing to your email, so sell the benefits and keep it simple. 

For further information on how to make your forms compliant you can give our GDPR and Consent blog post a quick read.

87% of brands put the sign up BELOW the fold

Creating a signup form within PureCampaign and adding it to your website is simple.  Check out our handy how to and you’ll be able to add a signup form to your website in no time. The forms within PureCampaign are GDPR compliant with the option for double opt in.

Sign-up automations

Sign-up automations are an effective way of welcoming new subscribers to your list and the ideal opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Compliment these messages by including useful information and use incentives such as a discount code to drive the first or repeat purchase.

Creating sign-up automations in PureCampaign only takes a few minutes and can have a positive impact in creating a lasting relationship with your subscribers and kick start their email lifecycle journey. Find out how to create Signup Automations using PureCampaign.

Welcome emails are 50% – 86% more effective than email newsletters

For inspiration on building your welcome campaign check out our 11 Examples of Effective Welcome Emails

Date based automations

Keeping your subscribers engaged post GDPR is of the utmost importance, especially if your list size has been negatively impacted, we also want to make their experience more personalised to increase engagement. PureCampaign includes date based automation features allowing you to schedule campaigns which will run automatically and send at the most opportune time for engagment.

By using custom segmented data in your email lists, your marketing and customer lifecycle emails can be sent at the right time when people will be most likely to open, click and convert. These date based automations can prove very effective in terms of engagement to gain more value from your database and takes the burden away from you having to send these campaigns out manually.

The advanced filter options mean you can target by demographic and other custom data as well as by date, to really maximise your ROI from your email campaigns.

Active subscribers are 38% more likely to return for a follow-up purchase than non-subscribers

There are many scenarios where these date based automations can prove useful, save you time and all importantly generate more ROI from your email lists, these include:

  • Renewal reminders
  • Anniversary reminders
  • Follow-up emails to welcome messages
  • Birthday promotions
  • Incentivise lapsed subscribers to re-engage
  • A countdown, e.g. to special occasion such as Christmas
  • Request for a product review

Database automations will play a crucial part of your customer lifecycle marketing, they’re simple to set up and will keep your subscribers more engaged and help you convert and retain more customers.

Intelligent timed sending

When it comes to email marketing, there’s nothing more important than deliverability and engagement, without these all of your hard work and creative goes to waste.

PureCampaign sees this as of the utmost importance, especially with reduced list sizes post GDPR, that’s why our Intelligent Timed Sending is a must use feature to increase deliverability and engagement.

This feature will send your email campaigns to each subscribe based on the optimum time they are likely to open the email based on their previous behaviour. This simple but effective feature of PureCampaign will make a noticeable difference in your open rates and potential click throughs.

A/B testing content

Testing and optimising to ensure your marketing gets the best possible outcome is essential to gain maximum ROI from your efforts, this also gives you a clear focus on what’s working and what’s not. Email marketing is no different, PureCampaign has its own A/B Split Content Testing feature. Split Content Testing is the ideal way to optimise your emails for maximum engagement (click-throughs), this tests variations of your email to 20% of the intended recipients.

During this testing period, PureCampaign monitors how many clicks each version of the email gets, and chooses the one that gains the highest engagement to use for the rest of the contacts. This is ideal in a post-GDPR world to gain more engagement and conversions from your existing lists, so put your email campaigns to the test with multivariate content testing.

Resend to non-opens

Using PureCampaign’s Resend to Non-Opens feature can increase your open and click through rates as much as 50%. It’s quick and simple to do and only takes the ticking of a box.

This is exactly what we need in a post-GDPR world, more engagement with minimal effort. Once you’ve ticked the Resend to Non-Opens checkbox, PureCampaign will send the same email at a chosen time period to all the contacts on the list that received the email but did not open it.

This feature is a must if you are looking to increase engagement, make sure you incorporate this in your regular email sends and you’ll soon notice the difference.

Still not convinced, then check out The Power of Resending Email Campaigns to Non-opens

Preference centres

Now GDPR has come into force there has never mean a more vital time to introduce a preference centre, give your subscribes the power to choose which types of content they would like to receive. Not only does this mean you will see higher engagement rates as the right content will be sent to the right people. You can add more personalisation through segmentation, in return gain more ROI from your subscribers with content that will resonate with their interests rather than blanket emailing your entire database.

We offer a wide range of tailored preference centres, that are built to our customers specifications. No longer does the preference centre have to be a simple checklist, it’s our job to make creative engaging preference centres for you. Be this with interactive demographic options to offer a fully personalised range of options for your customers.

Let us do the work

Our service packs take away the burden of having to manage the creative and implementation of the above tasks in-house, feel free to contact us to discuss any questions or requirements you have.

We hope this gave you some inspiration and how using these simple features can have a big impact on your email strategy post-GDPR. Why not check out our Post-GDPR First Aid Kit for more ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.

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