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is testing a new feature that lets users skip audio and video , even without being on a paid subscription.

The feature, known as “Active Media,” has been quietly rolled out in Australia and allows users of Spotify’s free, ad-supported service to skip particular ads, with advertisers only paying for completed listens or views.

When an ad break comes up, users will be able to choose whether they see or hear the ad in question, or whether they want to skip the ad all together. The selling point for advertisers? Spotify will now know more about user’s preferences and be able to better target advertising in future.

According to Spotify, Active Media feature is the “first of its kind globally” and will allow the company to “learn from each interaction” and “deliver a more personalised ad experience.” There’s no word yet on if or when the feature will expand beyond Australia, but Spotify has billed the feature as an “evolution” of its advertising model.

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