Why marketers should demand standardized addressable reporting | Advertising

The most exciting time to be in the television industry is right now. Data and technology are changing the game, and we are rewriting the rulebook. Brand marketers are finally beginning to understand the value of addressable advertising.

This new world of TV advertising brings transparency. We can now understand what works, and we can leverage that data to optimize future buys. television makes it possible to identity and reach only high-value, relevant households. At the end of an addressable-TV campaign, marketers should have a ton of actionable insights.

Five years ago, if a partner asked a marketer where first-party data was kept, they might be met with a blank stare. Today, that data-competency gap is starting to close. know where their data is, and they’re hiring talent with skills necessary to understand their customers’ paths to purchase. Now, more than ever, marketers are starting to understand how television augments digital-campaign performance, and they are eager to get the highest return on their investments.

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