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While Gens Y & Z are famously prone to FOMO, my unscientific survey of hundreds of CMOs suggests many suffer from FOFB, “fear of falling behind.” This fear manifests itself in positive ways like intense curiosity, networking with peers and continuous learning. On the flip side, it can also lead to embracing robotic technologies (i.e. , programmatic, AI, phone trees, etc.) as a demonstration of their progressiveness, even at the risk of distancing themselves from their employees and customers.

One chief marketing officer who does not suffer from FOFB is Jeanniey Mullen of Mercer. Having started several digital companies, Mullen understands both the tech world and how to make the most of limited budgets. For Mercer, Mullen believed the biggest opportunity was to arm its 21,000 employees with “authentic, inspirational and relatable” content, an approach she dubs “people marketing.” In our interview below, you’ll learn the details behind Mercer’s remarkably effective and relatively low-tech employee activation program.

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