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Traditionally, sex is an act performed by two humans for various reasons, but this is changing in a world that is becoming increasingly driven by technology. We’ve come to understand that a Chinese company known as WMDOLL, is ramping up production of sex dolls, a growing industry.

Here’s the thing, WMDOLL creates sex dolls that are powered by Artificial Intelligence, though they are far from being on the same level as the robots found in Westworld. In fact, these dolls are not yet robots, but they’ll get there eventually we’re sure.

For those who are wondering, WMDOLL is one of the largest sex doll makers in China, and the company, at this time of writing, is based in the province of Guangdong. Furthermore, the dolls are primarily made by Shenzhen Atall Intelligent Robot Technology.

Now, the company has been dabbling in the creation of AI sex dolls for quite some time, but these new ones could be even more realistic.

The idea behind the new sex dolls is for owners to have conversations with them. This isn’t the first time a company has decided to do this, but it is a first for WMDOLL.

What’s interesting about this is the fact that the conversational database will be provided by no other than Baidu, one of the big tech giants in China.

Now, when it comes down to the quality of the conversations an owner can have with his or her sex doll, well, it’s basic as best. We understand they can take part in simple conversations and answer questions, which is pretty interesting.

“Of course we’re not expecting to make our AI dolls that human-like, after all, we’re just making adult products,” according to Liu Ding, WMDOLL product manager. “But we will surely add more advanced technologies… for example, making the limbs more naturally.”

WMDOLL produces over 2,000 of these artificial intelligence powered sex dolls every single month. The company says it has over 260 different faces, along with various body size options for customers to choose from.

As for the price, well, folks are expected to spend 10,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan, which rounds off to around $1,500 and $7,400 respectively.

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