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Can i GPU compute an AI workload in Vulkan.

I’m a uni student working for his BSC degree, my diploma work will be about AI. More specifically i want to to be the genetic algorithm. With that said, i’m very much a beginner in AI. (and everything at the level obviously.)
So when i took the curse for my (if that’s the right word)i didn’t really have any specific idea, so the prof/lecturer pitched me one, and i like but there’s a “slight” problem with it for me.
He said, that’d be very good, if we could replicate the date found here:

I really like the idea of it but there’s a massive hardware limitation for me. I can’t just throw hundreds but even 32 cores and days of compute time at the problem. I’m an avid gamer and my rig is a slouch by no means (Ryzen R7 1700x 16gigs of ram Vega64). It was a dilemma for me and i was sitting on for a while and came up with something tho I’ve no idea if it even can be done, worth the time, and effort.

My solution to this would be to try to GPU compute it on the VULKAN API. My Vega is a very strong compute card as far as i know and if this kind of workload could be parallelized on it i’d be amazing. Note that their original code was written in python. What i know about it is that’s it’s easy to code, but terribly slow. I was thinking about rewritting it in C++ and try to GPU compute the workload.
My question would be that is it an option, or do i need to think about an other topic.
Also if yes, could be point towards learning material that i need to learn in order to do so.

PS i hope flaring is good

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