Google investigates faster, more-private webpage transitions | Web Development

As part of efforts to improve the web experience, ’s Chrome team is working on two specifications to enable smoother transitions between web pages.

The specifications include Web Packaging (also called Web Packages), which would provide privacy-preserving, fast loading for the web, and Portals, letting multipage sites act as single-page applications by offering the same level of fluid transitions.

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The Web Packaging proposal would give the browser proof of origin for resources rendered. It builds on the model of the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) library for building web pages that load quickly. A subset of Web Packaging, Signed HTTP Exchanges (SXG), would let a publisher sign a single HTTP exchange so the signed exchange can be served from any caching server.

When the browser loads the signed exchange, the publisher’s URL could be shown in the address bar because the signature in the exchange is proof that the content came from the publisher’s origin. Chrome is experimenting with SXG in the planned Chrome 71 browser.


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