Google Testing New Beta Versions Of Chromium On GoogleBot

has been caught testing features that do not work in Chrome 74, but work in Chrome 75. Chrome 75 is not out yet in production for the public, it is being testing in beta right now. Valentin Pletzer caught testing Chrome 75 features yesterday. Martin Splitt from said this is to be expected in order to keep evergreen going forward.

Martin from Google said “Keep in mind that in order to keep Googlebot evergreen we continuously test new versions on small sets of URLs.” That makes sense.

Here is what Valentin found the other day and posted on Twitter:

click for full size

Valetine also noticed some fun with the user agent here:

As Detlev Johnson said, Google just added this to the beta version of Chrome 75:

Here is how Martin from Google explained it:

So this is really good news and shows Google is on the right path to continue to ensure GoogleBot is evergreen.

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