Google: The HTTPS Ranking Signal Measurably Affects Enough Queries

’s Gary Illyes said that you should not ignore the ranking . He said on Twitter “the signal affects enough queries measurably that I wouldn’t ignore it.”

Here is the tweet from Gary Illyes:

In addition to this tidbit, he said that even though invalid HTTPS security certificates still do not invalidate your ranking boost, having an invalid HTTPS cert can impact other factors.

Gary said “a broken cert will affect other things though. For reasons, i know for certain that the ranking signal itself would be unaffected: you have https in the result, you get the (tiebreaker) boost.”

The question came up because John Mueller implied you need it to be valid:

So there you have it – make sure you have HTTPS and make sure it is valid and working properly for ranking, not just for your user.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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