Google JavaScript What should SEO look for in a website solution stack?

’s Martin Splitt posted another mythbusting video, this one on JavaScript and . He did it with well-respected technical Jamie Alberico. The video basically says JavaScript is not the devil 😈.

In this third episode of SEO Myth busting, Martin Splitt, Webmaster Trends Analyst from Google and guest Jamie Alberico, SEO Product Manager at Arrow Electronics discussed the issues of JavaScript in the context of SEO. The list includes

  • Where do misconceptions about SEO & JavaScript come from? (0:00)
  • Is JavaScript the devil 🙂 ? (1:56)
  • Lazy loading in search (5:11)
  • Ajax, SEO, and crawl budget (5:36)
  • Googlebot & JavaScript (8:21)
  • Is pre-render always the best solution? (10:48)
  • What are the user benefits of implementing JavaScript SEO well? (12:38)
  • What should SEOs look for in a website solution stack? (13:33)
  • Recommended testing tools for JavaScript SEO (15:10)

Documentation mentioned in this episode from Google include:

  • Search-related JavaScript troubleshooter →
  • Lazy loading in search →
  • Crawl budget →

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