Google Search Console adds search within markup & copy with tweaking

announced two new features for ’s testing tools Monday. Within the Google URL testing tools, such as the AMP test, rich results test and URL Inspection tool, you can now search within your to find code, and also you can copy the code and tweak it. Google said this makes checking your rendered and adjusting it easier.

The announcement. Google posted th announcement on Twitter and shared a GIF of it in action.

New features. The two new features include

(1) Search within the markup so you can quickly find the spot in your markup that you want to adjust.

(2) Copy the code and markup and then make tweaks to it and see if those tweaks pass validation and result in the outcome you desire.

Why we care. Ultimately this feature should make debugging issues with your markup for structured data issues faster. It should make it easier to locate the issues you may have with your markup, then test the changes you make to see if it will pass validation by Google.

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