Google: We Do Not Show Favicons On Some Browsers

So while not showing attributions on featured snippets was a bug, in that same screen shot, Google not showing favicons is not a bug – it was intended. Danny Sullivan from Google confirmed on Twitter that “lack of favicons is not a bug here.” “With some browsers we show a simpler results format.” he added.

Google added favicons to the mobile results about a month ago, which was upsetting to many in our industry.

Here is the screen shot from mobile on Android not showing favicons:

At first, Danny Sullivan thought that this was a bug – in fact, citing the lack of favicons as an explanation and rational for why Google not showing attribution is a bug. But it turns out the attribution bit was a bug, but the lack of favicons was a feature.

Here is Danny’s tweet citing the favicons was a feature:

Here is his original tweet about how the favicons might have been a bug but later saying it was not a bug:

So now if you don’t see favicons showing up in some browsers, it is not a bug but a real feature.

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