Google Tests Featured Snippets Anchors & Highlights On Desktop


has a feature on mobile, where if a featured snippet leads to an AMP page, can take the searcher after they click on the snippet to your AMP page, anchor them down to the section of the content the searcher wants to see and highlight that content in yellow. Well, is now testing that on .

Glenn Gabe documented this, as he is in the test, on Twitter:

So you see the featured snippet:

You click on it and it loads the page, anchors you down and highlights the content:

Here are more examples:

This is not loading the AMP version of the site to do this. As Glenn said, it is using the targetText Chrome functionality to make this happen:

Note, this does not mean Google is indexing content on a page separately, this is just a user interface experience. Google does not index parts of a page independently.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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