Google Search Console API Removes App Indexing Features

This should come as no surprise, but has removed the app indexing features within the . Google announced this on its blog the other day saying it “no longer support these Android app search appearance types.”

Specifically, Google has removed these types from the API:

  • Is Install
  • Is Universal
  • Is Opened

Google removed app indexing from the user interface back in February – so again, removing it from the API makes sense.

Also, all those complaints about the indexed counts not showing up in the API. Google made sure to mention that as well, saying “Additionally, for the Sitemaps API, we’re no longer populating data on indexing status of submitted sitemap files in the “Indexed” field.”

Does this mean it is gone forever? Specifically with the indexed count, Google may bring that back. John Mueller from Google said on Twitter “I’m still hopeful we can get the sitemaps indexed counts back.”

Here is John’s tweet on this:

Google also said they are committed to a Search Console API:

We’re still committed to the Search Console API. In particular, we’re working on updating the Search Console API to the new Search Console. We don’t have any specific timeframes to share at the moment, but stay tuned to find out more!

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