A Google Search Algorithm Update Rolling Out?

There are some signs of a search ranking update out since over the weekend. It is early and I cannot check on it this Monday and Tuesday because I am offline, but this Saturday night and Sunday looks like a possible update.

This is based on some early chatter from the SEO community and some of the tools showing fluctuations. In addition, we got Bill Lambert throwing out his predictions, saying a data push is coming Tuesday (well, something is happening before Tuesday).

It doesn’t look as massive as some are saying but when you are hit by any update, even a small one, it does feel massive to that web site that was hit.

Here is some chatter from WebmasterWorld.

I’m seeing crazy volatility with SERPs. I haven’t seen something like this since the Broad Core Update.

There is definitely something going on, I’m seeing a lot of movement.

Massacre weekend.

Seeing big changes for both of my websites… Right now they are negative, but I hope it’s too early to make some conclusions… Fingers crossed.

Here is what Bill said on Friday:

Very real Barry. Data push on going. Not sure of detail but looks like next Tuesday could be a game changer. Remove GA and noindex weak pages.

Here are the tracking tools:


SERP Metrics:

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Advanced Web Rankings:

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It is possible that this update will die out and something bigger will happen on Tuesday, that is, if you believe in the Bill Lambert character. 🙂

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Note: This story was pre-written before the Simchat Torah holiday. I am currently offline for the holiday and unable to respond to comments on this site, social, media or other platforms.

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