No ETA On Google Search Console Speed Reports API

Google recently released the Google Search Console Speed Reports, which is still in the “experimental” stage. But SEOs want to know when there will be an for this data. John Mueller from Google said there is currently no ETA for an API for these .

He said this on Twitter:

The truth is, the Search Console API has very limited features right now. I suspect the team is first working on the interface related tasks and when that slows, maybe more API features will be released?

He was also asked about Google sharing an API the number of indexed pages and said that it is not just about “Google engineers should do it instead of mine” when it comes to requesting APIs. Here are John’s recent tweets on this:

In any event, I have never seen John or Google use this logic with giving us an API. Oh and I wouldn’t expect the speed report to come to an API soon. There are APIs for other speed reports Google uses and PageSpeed APIs.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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