Google Video Spam Through Text-To-Speech Technology

Roger Montti posted on Twitter that he is seeing more and more spammers using a technique to through videos. In short, the spammers would find the top ranking content, use text-to-speech software to create automated videos of the content, while using the featured image as the background to the . Then those videos would rank in Google search.

He reported the issue to a bunch of Googlers and Gary Illyes from Google said he sent it along to the Google webspam team:

I am not sure how new this technique is? I’ve seen it a ton around political campaigns over the past few years or so, more so on YouTube. But I guess these videos are now showing up higher in the organic search results – which makes it a newer spam problem in web search?

In any event, I would hope Google can address these types of things quickly? If you have examples, feel free to add some in the comments.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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