Google Ads offers more granular conversion actions for leads and sales

is testing more granular options for tracking website conversion actions in Google Ads.

The new options were spotted by Yatin Mulay of Zen Online Marketing. It’s not clear how widespread this is, but we’re seeing the set of options that Mulay shared in some accounts as well.

Current state. The current list of options for tracking website conversions (shown below) has five options: purchase, lead, page view, sign-up and other.

What’s new. The new set of options is divided into two sections: categories and lead categories.

In addition to “purchase”, those tracking sales actions can also opt to track ad clicks that result in and “add to cart”, “begin checkout” or “subscribe” action.

For lead generation, advertisers can set up the following actions: submit lead forms, book appointment, sign-up, request quote, get directions or outbound clicks. (For more information on tracking clicks, see this help page.)

Why we care. The new more granular options can make it easier for advertisers to track micro-conversions and optimize campaigns for various stages of the customer journey. This also plays into the availability of Conversion Action Sets, introduced last year, that allows you to group conversion actions together. Smart bidding strategies will optimize for the conversions in the entire set.

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