How to Stay Motivated During Challenging Times

The past several months have been trying for all of us. We understand that learning new systems, setting up remote offices, and managing virtual teams among other stresses is not easy. All this while juggling other responsibilities and ranging emotions. At times it can seem overwhelming and at times it can seem monotonous. A question a lot of our clients are asking us is how can you stay motivated despite these new challenges?

Here are simple and important ways to motivate yourself during difficult times.


Setting goals will help take you out of a slump. There’s always something to look forward to in life, so having those reminders helps to put everything in perspective. When it seems like everything that exists is falling apart, remind yourself of the other things you’re looking forward to accomplishing and throw yourself into that. No goal is too small, set it and go after it.

Surround Yourself With People Who Care

Family and friends can be your support during hard times.

Many of our worries come from self doubt. Keep in touch and confide into people who care for you and who want to see you succeed. Have open conversations about your stressful times and allow them to share advice and thoughts. Socialize with optimistic people.

If you live away from family, call them and speak to them often. Meet up friends and indulge in light conversations. Motivation is contagious and the moment you interact with individuals who are cheerful and upbeat, you will catch the vibe too.

Speak positively

This applies to internal dialogs with yourself, as well as conversations, email interactions, social media exchanges and the like you have with others. Speaking gloom and doom generates a cloud of negativity around you; that brings you and others down – saps energy. However, speaking positively over and again can help brighten the dark times. It lifts spirits. That better readies you to make what improvements you can to improve your situation.

Play to Your Strengths

Thinking about your weakness all the time will definitely wear you down. Instead, spend more time in knowing your strength as it will help you in renewing your energy and always keep you motivated. Strengths are the best place to grow yourself at your best. So, find things that make you happy and motivated throughout the day. Always try to play with your strengths, not with your weakness.

Do not allow yourself to complain

At any given moment, you can have a positive attitude or a negative attitude. There isn’t much of a grey area in between the two. Refusing to allow yourself to complain will pretty much eliminate you ever having a negative attitude. This simple trick basically forces you to remain positive and optimistic. Whenever you catch yourself about to complain about something, stop yourself and think of something you’re grateful for instead.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Want to know some of the secrets to happiness? Here they are: Don’t worry about things you can’t control. Don’t major in minor things. Choose your battles wisely. Don’t argue over small things. If something is truly important to you, give it your attention. If it’s not, let it go. Sometimes it’s more important to be happy than to be right.

Look for the opportunity in every problem

Practice being the person who can find the hidden advantage in every seemingly negative situation. While everyone else focuses on the problem, stay focused on finding a solution. As Napoleon Hill once said: “Every failure, every adversity, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” Always look for the benefit.


Success never comes easy. No matter what your goal is, you can expect to face challenges as you pursue it. It takes motivation to keep going when things get tough. This is why those who are the most motivated often become the most successful.

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