Instagram Testing New Reels Display for Multi-Advertiser Ads

It seems that Instagram is testing a new ad format for ads, with a new variation of Multi-Advertiser display now appearing for some users.
Instagram multi advertiser adsAs you can see in this example, shared by digital ads expert Barry Hott, the new multi-ads format groups a selection of related brands onto a single screen, which is then displayed between Reels posts.

The concept itself is nothing new. Instagram first launched Multi- Ads for its main feed back in October, with a side-scrolling display of related ads shown based on user engagement.
Meta multi advertiser adsAs you can see in this example, after viewing or engaging with one ad, multi-advertiser promotions are displayed below that first post, giving you multiple, related ads based on your interests.

As per Instagram:

Multi-advertiser ads help people discover and compare products from multiple businesses. This ad unit, available for select placements on Facebook and Instagram, gives advertisers the opportunity to be discovered by people who have recently shown an interest in related products or businesses.”

Multi-advertiser ads can also be displayed in the Facebook feed, and in Facebook Stories, so it's little surprise to see Meta also looking to extend it to Reels as well, though it is worth noting for advertisers who opt-in to this placement.

Which is optional:
Instagram Reels multi advertiser adsSo you don't have to enable your ads to be displayed in this format, but Instagram is looking to extend multi-advertiser ads to Reels, and if you do give it the go-ahead by ticking this box, this is what you'll be paying for.

That could be beneficial, offering lower cost, higher volume placement, potentially, among people who've already engaged with related content. But it might also lead to lesser exposure, and reduced performance, as you'll be competing with more brands in a single frame.

Each brand will see differing response, but again, if you are opting into multi-ads placement, it seems like this could be how they'll look within the Reels feed.

We've asked Meta for more info on the current test of this display, and whether it has any more info on a potential rollout. We'll update this post if/when we hear back.

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