Google Analytics admin emails sent to Search Console users in latest bug

began notifying some administrators about a in the automatic owner verification process between Google and Google late this week.

Why you should care

In yet another example of a bug causing privacy issues for tech users, Google said a bug caused the emails of Search Analytics administrators to be sent to people who added the administrator’s site to Search Console but had not been marked as owners.

In an email received by Glenn Gabe of G-Squared Consulting, The Search Console Team said,  “Between November 12, 2018 – November 12, 2018, a bug caused a confirmation email containing your email address to be inadvertently sent to Search Console users who had added your site to their Search Console account, but were not marked as owners.”

Google says no other data other than the email address was disclosed and “there has been no other unauthorized access to your Google Analytics or Search Console accounts as a result of this bug.”

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