Google Webmaster YouTube Channel Breaks 300k Subscribers

Did you know that the folks who work in the Google webmaster team are also celebrities? Yesterday the Google Webmaster channel surpassed 300,000 subscribers – that is a big deal in subscriber world.

To celebrate, the team posted this video on YouTube with some highlights from the channel:

Just to give you perspective – my channel only has just under 7,000 subscribers – I have a long way to go. There are obviously at least under 293,000 people who may be interested in my channel that did not subscribe. So at least I know where my goal should be set towards.

In any event – that Google channel has been around since January 9, 2009, which was three years after I started my channel, and it has 36,643,250 views on the videos in total. Clearly this channel is super important and useful.

Keep it going Google and awesome work!

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