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The Facebook-owned messaging platform is bringing in many new features via updates. We already saw that users will start seeing ads in between statuses similar to the ads that appear between the Instagram Stories. Now, it looks like there will be another feature brought to the platform through Status.

As per WABetaInfo, a new feature that is all set to be rolled out soon to the app will let rank your status updates. It is said to be capable of pushing the ones that you wish to see to the top of the list. It is claimed that this system will work by keeping a check on the status updates that you interact with the most. And, the app will use this information to display the status updates that you will want to see first.

How this feature works

With this new feature that will rank your friends based on the interaction with status updates, you can view the updates from the frequent contacts without missing them. And, also interact with them regularly as their status updates will be at the top of the list. If you happen to ignore the messages and updates from specific friends, then their updates will be at the bottom of the list.

But the report adds that this is a little complicated as the algorithm ranks the contacts based on what you send as well. Those chats that have a lot of media files such as photos and videos will get a better ranking. And, even calls play a role in the ranking algorithm and if you happen to call a person frequently on WhatsApp, then the ranking will be better.

Notably, the ranking will take place on the app itself and no information will be sent to the WhatsApp servers for processing. If the app is uninstalled and reinstalled, then the status window will appear in the chronological order until the app learns your user behavior.

New WhatsApp feature under testing

As per the report, this feature is currently under testing in the iOS version of the app. We can expect it to be rolled out to users after successful testing. And, even the Android users might this feature in the coming months. It would be great if WhatsApp lets users to toggle this feature off if they do not want the app to analyze their favorite contacts but there is no word regarding the same in the report.

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