Firefox Reality VR Update Vastly Improves Online Virtual Reality Experience

VR is on the rise. The platform is extending its reach with every passing day. Web is where all the real stuff is going on. It’s, after all, the most independent and intuitive platform we learned to appreciate. Which brings us to the new VR update. Mozilla’s darling VR canvas is getting better, this time with 360-degree videos joining the VR online party.

Launching Firefox Reality, Mozilla seeks to be at the forefront of Reality development. The company rightly figured that 2D will only get so far, and started betting on the future heavy. The spring 2018 saw the birth of Firefox Reality VR browser, only a fledgling at the time. But it grew and grew, and now enjoys features that extend beyond regular Firefox Web browser.

For starters, from the initial monolingual browser, Firefox Reality VR update taught it 6 additional languages. Besides the proverbial English, there are French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. To some this might seem a minor addition, but the simple move extends the reach of Virtual Reality quite considerably. It’s personalizing the experience for half a planet of non-English natives which is not a small thing.

But probably the biggest improvement that comes with 1.1 is the 360 videos option. Sure, the option exists in all headsets, but taking things online means easy, trouble-free access to 360 videos for all. It will be the part of the advanced theatre viewing mode. Firefox Reality VR update also brings more Virtual Reality headsets under its domain. All your HTC’s (Vive Wave and Focus), your Oculus Go, or Google Daydream are now perfectly suited for Firefox Reality online VR platform. Couple 360-degree video option with this, and we have a truly easy-access, advanced, and wide reaching Virtual Reality option.

The rise of Web VR software affirms Virtual Reality among emerging technologies. For long time VR has been regarded as the entertainment, or more precisely the gaming platform. It is only recently that the technology became quite irreplaceable in training purposes. What Web VR software brings to the table is adoption of Virtual Reality for general purposes.

That is not the ultimate goal however. The trick is to better reality not simply replace it. ‘The ability for VR to block out your major perception of reality, visual and audio, makes it an excellent tool for reducing real-world distractions’ – wise words from Michael Eichenseer, founder of virtuosVR. To attain this vision, Firefox Reality and the like will have to become familiar.

To familiarize it further, Firefox Reality VR update imports a host of minor improvements from 2D side of Web. The beloved bookmark ability stands out for us, though it still has a way to go in terms of cross-device transferring. Having search suggestion is none too shabby either. We imagine Firefox Reality will only get better with time. We don’t want to sound spoiled, but we do expect Web VR to spread around and, as things stand, Mozilla is holding the torch.

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