Optimize for conversion value with eCPC in Google Ads

Google has extended maximize value optimization to manual CPC bidding when you’ve opted into enhanced CPC (eCPC).

Scott Clark of BuzzMaven in Lexington, Kentucky was among those who’ve noticed the new option showing in the Google Ads.

Why we should care

Google rolled out its maximize for conversion value smart bidding strategy to search campaigns at the end of last month. That option aims to for the greatest conversion value (cart value or a value you’ve applied to your conversion actions) while spending your entire daily budget.

The optimize for conversion value option with eCPC is a simplified version of the smart bidding option. It doesn’t have a goal of spending your daily budget, and you can’t set a target return on ad spend like you can with the smart bidding option. It will raise your max. CPC bids for clicks deemed more likely to lead to higher conversion value (rather than simply a conversion) when you choose that option.

If you have products or services with varying prices, conversion value might align better than conversions with your goals. If you switch over to conversion value optimization, you’ll want to closely monitor the impact on your metrics and ROAS, or ROI if you have cost data.

It may seem surprising Google is adding functionality to manual bidding given its desire to push advertisers to smart bidding (as the bold “lower performance” warning in the manual CPC setting makes crystal clear). But eCPC automates bids, too, of course it’s like the to smart bidding.

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